Bo Robbrecht

Student Software Engineer

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Open Summer Of Code

Open Summer Of Code

Full Stack Developer

July 2021

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RoadBase helps (local) governments, companies & citizens to (re)use data on road markings and traffic signs.

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Dev? Designer? Human? Or maybe all of them combined?

Bo Robbrecht

Student Software Engineer at HoWest

Traveling, Exploration, Automotive, Rock Climbing

Why choose me?

Public Speaking

I’m a very social & outspoken person who has 3 years of theater experience, which allows me to connect with my teammates and stakeholder to clearly understand their desires in correlation with the project.

Team player

Because of my social nature, I’m a strong team player who keeps track of every team member and try to engage them in every decision, so that every opinion is heard and considered.


Time is money, so I strengthen myself in being a self-regulated person that delivers results in a timely manner.


Every failure is a stepping stone to success, so I’m very focused on the continuous improvement of my development & work process to deliver less error-prone work in a more time-efficient manner.


In order to keep track of all aspects of a project, I need to be very organized and developed the necessary skills to maintain a clean & high-quality documentation.

Decision Making

In order to deliver the most optimal result in the least amount of time, I've accumulated & learned several decision making techniques to reach this goal.

Problem Solving

For every application I tried to find clear, understandable and simple solutions to complex problems.

Tech Skills

As a software developer, I have a wide range of technical skills that ranges from front end, back-end, database and infrastructure.

Design Skills

Besides technical skills, I’m also in possession of several design skills, such as UX design, EERD, etc...

Companies I've worked with

Open Summer Of Code CodeFever

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